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Area 1

Sabbath services and prayer meetings West Area 1, District Daily Manna every day between 7:30 – 9:00 pm Zoom link:


Pathfinder and youth activities Newcastle church Pathfinder programme Direct Jitsi Link: Password: nclyouth -

Monday at 12 am - Weekly Goal Review -

Tuesday at 8 pm - Book Club -

Thursday at 8 pm - NAYL Social -

Friday at 8 pm - Bible Study -

Sabbath at 8 pm - Real Talk Discussion -

Sunday at 5 pm - Youth Mentoring Weekly Sabbath Kahoot quiz 4-5:30pm

YouTube channel: hLps://

Each week they will inform people of how to get involved in this quiz

Darlington Church Youth Bible Study, Sabbath at 2 pm Direct Zoom Link: hLps:// Mee\ng ID: 613 660 2315 Password: 690397

West Area 1, District (Lancaster) Weekly Youth Study – every Sabbath at 3 pm Skype link: hLps://

Area 7

Contact Pastor J Holder Area Co-ordinator for additional details (07809449322)

Leicester District of Churches


Sabbath Service – 10.30 - 1pm (Sabbath school and Divine service) Zoom

Prayer Meeting – 6.30 -7.30pm (Wednesday) Zoom

Daily Devotional – 7pm –7.30 (Sunday, Tuesdsay and Friday) Zoom



Sabbath School – 10 – 11.30 (Extended Sabbath School Discussion) Skype

Teens Sabbath School Class 10 – 10.55am



Sabbath School (children) 10 onwards via WhatsApp/Zoom


Sabbath School (Adult)

 Divine Service sermon presented by YouTube (recorded) or via Zoom group with invited speaker.

Afternoon Bible studies/sharing of music and testimonies/ Quizzes etc.via Zoom/ WhatsApp or Facebook live (Pathfinders/Adventurer honours)

Wednesday prayer via self selected groups

Friday/Sabbath vespers via WhatsApp on Friday (recorded) or Zoom (Sabbath)

Daily reminder and publishing of 100 days of prayer materials via WhatsApp



Sabbath Mornings from 9 – 1 including prayer group, Sabbath School (adults and children), Sermon, via BlueJean

Sabbath afternoons 2 -6 Pathfinder/Adventurer, Bible Study, Quizzes etc

Everything else as Central above.


Northampton District of Churches  

All the three churches in Northampton has the following programs

Northampton Central & Harlestone SDA

1. Sabbath School ( children) 10-11 am (zoom line)
2. Sabbath School ( adult) 10-11 am ( zoom line)
3. Divine service 11:15- 12:30pm
4. AY program 5-6 pm ( zoom line)
5. Every Wednesday meeting  7- 8:30 pm ( zoom)
6. Every Friday meeting. 7-8:30 pm ( zoom)
7. 100 days of prayer in conference call everyday 11- 12am


 LEAMINGTON SPA, RUGBY & KIDDEMINSTER – Pastor Michael Baker ( 07984490340)

Live stream sermons by Pastor Milan Gugleta every Sabbath at 12:00 midday on YouTube channel ‘Word for this Sabbath’ – YouTube channel link:

(Milan is currently furloughed so this is inactive for the moment)

(All messages remain archived and can be viewed at any time)




Leamington Spa church:

Zoom Adult Sabbath School: Sabbath 10-12am

Zoom Youth Sabbath School: Sabbath 10:30-12am

Online Christian Music Radio Station:


Zoom Wednesday Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 8 -9:30pm

Zoom Meeting Room: Sunday to Friday 8 – 9:30pm

Friends Together: A group setup to keep in touch with the elderly and the isolated









Kidderminster church:

Skype Sabbath Service: Sabbath 11-12am (Discussion and sermon)

Skype Bible Study: Wednesday 7-8pm




Rugby church:

Zoom Adult Sabbath School: Sabbath 10–11:30am

Zoom Bible Study: Friday 7-8pm

Zoom Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 7-8pm