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Fighting COVID-19

Fighting COVID-19 With Water

Pure water is another vital ingredient for healthy immune function. Water is a potent detoxifying agent, flushing germs and other pollutants out of the body.

Dehydration increases the risk for a respiratory, gut, and urinary infection. Dehydration decreases a class of antibodies in the respiratory mucosa. So, if you want to reduce your risk of flu and corona virus, drink at least 8 glasses  of pure water a day.

The blood stream, which is the highway to transport the immune system’s troops, is kept flowing freely by adequate amounts of water. In addition, the mucus membranes of the nose and mouth also need plenty of water to maintain a protective barrier against invading germs

If you do not have a neurological or circulatory disorder, severe anaemia, or a blood vessel disorder, contrast showers are an excellent way to propel dormant immune cells. Do an alternating hot and cold shower, as tolerated, in a warm bathroom: hot for 1 ½ minutes and cold for 30 seconds; do three exchanges. Be sure to make the second and third changes progressively hotter. Finish with cold. Hot and cold showers boost the number of circulating white blood cells and when you take a shower and that hot spray hits your chest, natural killer cells are also mobilised. Perform this treatment twice a day, ideally. And one time a day is much better than none! Rest afterwards to enhance the effect.

The country may have the greatest and best-trained soldiers in the world. But, if at a time of national emergency they can’t get to the place where the battle is being fought, they will be of little use. Likewise, the body has its soldiers, like Natural Killer Cells (NK cells), and other white blood cells, which can kill the invaders. Water in the circulatory system is the vehicle that gets them to the place where they can do their job.They move from the sides of the blood vessels and get into the mainstream, where they will bump up against enemy soldiers. NHS recommends 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Fighting COVID-19 With Trust

Trust Is a Basic Human Need

Every one of us trusts something or someone.  When we turn the key in the ignition of our car, we trust the motor is going to start.  When we go to see our doctor, we trust that he/she is going to be able to help us.  When we call 999 or the police, we trust they will come to our assistance. 

Erik Erikson, famous psychologist, originated the concept of the 8 important questions to be solved in life. The first and most basic dilemma that humans need to decide is Trust or Mistrust. Who can I trust in life?” For some, unfortunately, it comes down to “Can I trust anybody?”   Can I trust myself? Do I have the answers within me for life’s greatest problems?  Can I rely on human opinion when the crisis hits?

Faith leads us into a relationship of trust with an all knowing Creator who loves us unconditionally. Most studies are all coming to similar conclusions. A strong belief system can be a foundation for improved health.  Research on 1,700 adults found that those who attend religious services were less likely to have elevated levels of interleukin-6, an immune substance prevalent in people with chronic diseases

 Today there is sickness and emotional disease everywhere because of COVID -19.  Is God there when we call on Him for help?  Yes.  But sometimes we tie God’s hands.  He wants to help us, but we don’t meet the conditions for answered prayer.

Dr. Thomas G. Plante found that religiousness, which we define as trust and faith in a divine power, is associated with better health, enhanced ability to cope with adversity and illness, and lower rates of mortality from all causes. 

Studies have also noted that religious people show lower levels of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse and higher levels of self-esteem, marital adjustment, life satisfaction, and wellbeing.  In conclusion he states that research generally supports that religiousness is associated with positive mental and physical health outcomes.  This includes less depression, loneliness, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and behaviour, alcohol abuse, and delinquency as well as more hope, life purpose, social support, and optimism.

We need a secure reality in which to place our trust—a secure reality that goes beyond humanity.  We cannot trust in the police.  They may arrive too late.  We cannot trust in burglar alarms because they can get out of order.  We can’t trust in armies and navies; they are subject to defeat.  We cannot trust in our own strength, it diminishes day by day. 

We need a greater reality in which to trust—a reality that the devil cannot disturb, jealousy cannot jar, the grave cannot hold, sickness can’t subdue.  We need a reality that transcends human understanding.

 The truth is by trusting in God you can change negative self-defeating behaviours.  You can choose to live a healthful lifestyle.  You can be a WINNER!  

Trust energizes our entire being. Trust lifts our spirits. Trust encourages our hearts. Trust renews our hope. Trust lifts our vision from what is to what can be. Trust believes God’s promises and receives God’s gifts before they are realized.   

We trust God for:


•          Strength in our weakness

•          Wisdom in our ignorance

•          Courage in our fear

•          Peace in our anxiety

•          Hope in our depression

•          Guidance in our doubt

•          Joy in our sorrow

The source of all Trust is an all-powerful, all- knowing, all-loving God. A trusting relationship with God begins with the realization that He loves us and desires only good for us.

reality in Paul’s letter to the Romans


Think Positively

Scientific studies confirm these observations. They show that major depression, for example, reduces NK cells’ effectiveness. A persistent negative outlook erodes both the ability of the NK cells and killer T-lymphocytes to destroy viruses and cancer cells. The emotions and reactive thinking common in depression—helplessness, loneliness, hopelessness, lack of social support, and unhealthy suppression of these feelings—not only depress the mind but the immune system as well.

Stress reduces the ability of NK cells to make interferon, a chemical that substantially decreases viral replication. However, problem-solving techniques and coping skills improve NK activity in stressed persons. If the individual possesses high emotional stability and low anxiety, stress actually promotes NK cell activity. On the other hand, the same stress can result in a significant decline in NK Ceclls if the individual possesses high anxiety and low emotional stability. Confidence, openness, social support, effective coping skills, self-discipline, trust, faith, and a will to survive improve NK cells’ efficiency.

The Most Powerful Verse in the Bible —Ephesians 3:20

•          God is able

•          Acts exceedingly abundantly

•          Above all we ask or think

•          According to power

•        That works in us

Fighting COVID-19 with Fresh Air

High quality fresh air is actually electrified. The oxygen molecule is negatively charged. The effect is an improved sense of well-being, increased rate and quality of growth in plants and animals, improved function in the lung’s protective cilia, relaxation, lowered body temperature, lowered resting heart rate, decreased survival of bacteria and viruses in the air.

•          Often the most damaging air pollution is in home

•          Air we breathe in home can increase risk of coronavirus, lung cancer, asthma, allergies, etc.

Breathing deeply of fresh air has many benefits. We sleep better, we feel more optimistic, we perform better athletically, and we are more pleasant to live with. Psychologically, it is calming, refreshing, therapeutic and inspiring and it causes us to think more clearly. But many of us have difficulty getting enough fresh air because of the pollution both within our living spaces and outdoors too especially in the towns and cities.

Even if you have an abundance of fresh air, you still need to breathe properly in order to feel your best. Breathing properly helps your body to operate more efficiently. It primarily uses the diaphragm and abdominal muscles and relies on an erect posture. Watch how a baby breathes when lying down. Note that its little tummy rises and falls with each breath. The use of the rib cage and intercostal muscles is secondary.

Deep breathing, which is more likely during exercise, also reintroduces natural killer cells into circulation, thus increasing surveillance against cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses. However excessive exercise is likely to depress natural killer cell activity.




Fighting COVID-19 With Sunshine

Unfortunately, Vitamin D insufficiency is common. Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defences. Without sufficient intake of the vitamin, the killer T lymphocytes of the immune system will not be able to react to and fight off serious infections in the body. In other words, vitamin D is necessary to activate Killer-T cells. They will remain dormant if there is an insufficient amount of vitamin D in the blood.

Your body produces natural antibiotic-like compounds called antimicrobial peptides in the white blood cells. Vitamin D increases the activity of these antimicrobial compounds. Dark skinned individuals and the elderly are especially prone to vitamin D deficiency. Get your level checked!

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is emotional depression due to less sunlight during the shorter days of winter.  Almost 29% of adults in the U.K are affected by this disorder during winter. New research has shown that one in three people in the U.K suffers from SAD with I in 6 suffering from a severe version of the depressive illness.

The primary symptoms of SAD are sadness, irritability and even violence—with the number of suicides and cases of child abuse increasing during winter months, decreased physical energy, and an increase in appetite—particularly a craving for carbohydrates.  This may be the body’s attempt to increase its energy levels.  Women are more susceptible to SAD, making up 75 percent of all cases.

How to Avoid the Winter Blues—Check how you are doing?

__ Regular exercise outside or inside

__ Take 2000 IUs of Vitamin D3 daily if you are deficient

__ Cheer someone up –“do good” for someone

__ Keep curtains open.  Let sunshine in

__ Keep sufficient lights on in working areas


Fighting COVID-19 With Temperance

True temperance teaches us to dispense entirely with everything hurtful and to use judiciously that which is healthful. At this time it is very important you avoid Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. They are all detrimental to the body’s defences.


Alcohol cripples the body’s internal army. This suppression of the immune system is seen even with moderate amounts of alcohol. The immune system is damaged even by the social use of alcohol in the so called "moderate drinker," increasing the risk of bacterial or viral infections:       

a. It takes only two drinks to reduce antibody production of the B lymphocytes by sixty seven percent.

b. It weakens the Natural Killer Cells thus increasing the risk for coronavirus,  cancers of the mouth, larynx, lung, oesophagus, stomach, liver, breast, and rectum.

c. It impairs the function of the polymorph nuclear leucocyte.  As the amount of alcohol ingestion rises, the ability of polymorph nuclear leucocytes to go to the infection site, as well as their ability to ingest invaders becomes progressively impaired. The more alcohol present, the greater the impairment.

d. Chronic alcohol consumption has a double negative effect of reducing the anti-viral effect of interferon while increasing inflammation. Interferon interferes with replication of viruses.


There are more than 4,800 chemicals in tobacco smoke and  at least 300 known poisons including nicotine, arsenic, radon, cyanide, phenol, DDT, asbestos, benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. The three most harmful chemicals in cigarettes are nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. The harmful chemicals immobilize the immune system. Once the haemoglobin in the red blood cells binds with carbon monoxide, the capacity to carry oxygen is diminished. The immune defences of smokers are lowered, and they may suffer from a variety of problems ranging from influenza to cancers in sites other than the respiratory tract that would normally be eliminated by an adequately functioning immune system.

The large airways contain cilia, which are special hair-like cells that keep sweeping germs and injurious particles away from the delicate lung tissues. Tobacco smoke paralyzes these protective cilia, so that germs and particles can easily enter the lungs and cause serious damage.

 Smoking increases one’s risk for influenza and coronavirus. Do not expose yourself to second-hand smoke.


Illicit drugs should be avoided at all times.  They have many harmful effects on the body’s soldiers, and also lower the defences through their impact upon the mind. People under the influence of mind-altering substances are not very careful in preventing serious infections.


The Lord our Creator knows that in order to have a healthy body, one must avoid the intake of any poison. Never start using tobacco, alcohol, or other illicit drugs. If you are a user, quit totally.


Fighting COVID-19 - Your Body


1.         Everyone is talking about COVID-19. Many discussions have focused on worst case scenarios and millions of people are anxious and frightened. While we do need to take precautions we need understand the power our immune system and do everything we can to boost our immune system.

2.         The immune system is far more advanced the best militaries in our world.  It is equipped with scores of mobile soldiers, with an arsenal of deadly weapons, and a sophisticated chemical communication network. These defenders must be on duty every minute of every day in order to detect and destroy the enemy. Even one surviving bacteria, virus or cancer cell can be potentially life threatening.

3.         One out of every 100 cells belongs to the body’s armed forces—an army totalling nearly one trillion white blood cells! They make up about 1% of the total blood volume in a healthy adult.

4.         Phagocytes are the army’s foot soldiers—the first ones to arrive on the battlefield. They engulf invading germs and dissolve the enemy with powerful enzymes.

5.         LYMPHOCYTES-  Lymphocytes perform  important tasks. Some (like natural killer cells) carry weapons that destroy cells infected with invading viruses. Other lymphocytes target cancer cells, while others produce highly-specialized weapons called antibodies.

6.         While the immune system is designed to protect the body from disease, if it is weakened in any way we are more likely to get sick.

Figthing COVID-19 With Exercise

Moderate exercise appropriate to fitness level will increases Natural Killer Cell activity by 50%.

 What kind of exercise?  Walking is the best exercise.  But mountain climbing, wall or rock climbing, tennis, basketball, exercise machines, lifting weights, swimming, riding your bicycle, stretching (yes, stretch before and after vigorous exercise). Plan to do a variety of exercises during the week. Consistency is important.  Increase the intensity as you progress.  Making an appointment to exercise with a friend, helps keep you on target and accountable.

Exercise also neutralizes the harmful effects of stress by stimulating the release of natural “feel good” chemicals like endorphins. Stress is especially counteracted when exercise is combined with the immune system’s allies—fresh air and sunlight.

While moderate exercise increases natural killer cell activity by 50%, hope, optimism, and laughter also increase activity. Each natural killer cell becomes more virile, more active in destroying the enemy.

NHS recommends the following:

Physical activity guidelines for adults aged 19 to 64

Adults should do some type of physical activity every day. Any type of activity is good for you. The more you do the better.

Adults should:  aim to be physically active every day. Any activity is better than none, and more is better still do strengthening activities that work all the major muscles (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms) on at least 2 days a week.

 Do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week

 Reduce time spent sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving with some activity.

You can also achieve your weekly activity target with:

 Several short sessions of very vigorous intensity activity

A mix of moderate, vigorous and very vigorous intensity activity

You can do your weekly target of physical activity on a single day or over 2 or more days. Whatever suits you.

These guidelines are also suitable for:

-  disabled adults

  -  pregnant women and new mothers

Make sure the type and intensity of your activity is appropriate for your level of fitness.

Fighting COVID-19 With Sleep


Did you know that short or long sleep deprivation affects our immune system? Partial sleep deprivation reduces natural killer cell activity per number of natural killer cells. Even a modest sleep deprivation for part of the night can reduce the killing ability of the natural killer cells by almost 30%. Just one night of short sleep produces an inflammatory response that is detrimental!

Rest recharges our mental batteries, revives energy, brings healing and restoration, improves our immune system, stimulates growth hormones in children, helps to keep the blood pressure down and keeps us functioning at an optimal level. We are more prone to disease if we do not get sufficient rest.  Sufficient sleep is another essential for wellness.  It may even be a question of life or death.

Try to schedule moments of rest and relaxation into the daily life with short breaks even when working in the office. You can walk the stairs to deliver a paper, take a brisk walk in the sunshine during the lunch hour, or wrestle with the little one on the carpet when you get home. By changing the activities we relax and have restful moments.

Most of us get less sleep than we should. With the advent of the light bulb, invented by Thomas Edison, people have been able to turn night into day. Rather than going to sleep when it gets dark, as our great grandparents did, we are able to carry on with our normal activities well into the wee hours. We live in an age of 24-hour supermarkets, service centres, and convenience stores. As a matter of fact, for millions of people worldwide, the active part of the day is just beginning to get into high gear when the sun goes down.

Studies show that sufficient sleep for children aids proper brain development, good memory, strengthens the immune system and contributes to good social behaviour. So tuck them to bed early!

There is evidence that sleep helps neural functioning, and that it benefits the brain, giving neurons a chance to recuperate. It also is linked to improving our immune system and preventing disease. Research shows the body renews tissues, forms new red blood cells, and releases growth hormones during sleep time. When sleep deprived we react to stressful situations with more anger, sadness, and fear than we would if we were adequately rested. 

Rest has positive, dynamic power! Rest is a gift of God—a miracle recovery package. We are more prone to disease if we do not get sufficient rest.