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About Micah Campbell

Pastor Micah Campbell is an ordained minister who has been serving in the North England Conference since 2012.

He graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, intending to become an Educational Psychologist. However, during his course, he was reminded by the Holy Spirit and his praying mother of the call to ministry, which he had felt from the age of 13. His calling led him to enrol at Newbold College, where he graduated with a Licence in Theology and MA in Pastoral Theology from the University of Wales Lampeter (through Newbold).

Before Pastoral Ministry, Micah worked as a teacher and taught A-Level Psychology along with English which he views as invaluable experience in training, motivating, inspiring and educating young people with a mindset for excellence.

Micah feels there is a powerful ministry in meeting the genuine heartfelt needs of people as Christ did and had a passion for counselling. He has completed a Level 2 and Level 4 Diploma in Integrative Counselling and recognises a person’s need for therapy more than ever during life’s challenges.

Micah has had the opportunity to preach internationally, conducting campaigns, youth retreats and preaching engagements worldwide, including in Poland, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Finland, Thailand, Kenya and the British Isles. Micah is heavily involved in counselling, youth ministries and pathfinders, which led him to complete his Master Guide and PLA- (Pathfinder Leadership Award), which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Micah’s beloved family is most important to him and is his first ministry. He is married to his beautiful wife, Wynny Campbell, who works as a Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine (A&E) and views health as her ministerial calling. Due to his wife’s passion for the health ministry, Micah has developed an insight into the complexities of the human body and mind and sought to find spiritual applications when visiting the sick. He believes that one’s mind, body and spirituality are all interlinked, and our mental, physical and spiritual health should be taken seriously.

Micah and Wynny have been able to minister internationally, providing programmes on Health, Youth Ministries and Adventist Muslim Relations for Camp meeting, which took place at the East Kenya Union Conference. They have been blessed with four children; Jada, Janai, Jesse and Jace.

Micah’s hobbies and interests include holidays and trips with his family, mountain biking, fitness training, exercise programmes, carpentry and building projects.

Pastor Micah Campbell is humbled to have this invaluable opportunity to serve his conference as Youth Director. He has a passion for Youth Ministry and sees “Young People” as not just the future of this generation but the present and seeks to remind them that they are “Fearfully and wonderfully made.” This means they are “Good Enough” in God’s eyes, and God will continue to refine each person into the likeness of His character if they allow Him to.

Micah has a genuine love for Jesus and longs to meet Him face to face, and Revelation 14.6-12 is his motivation to keep preaching the word.