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About John Francis

Pastor John Francis is an ordained minister who began pastoral ministry in September 2013. Previously, he worked in the publishing ministry for many years in the 1980s and served the North England Conference (NEC) as the Assistant Publishing Director for over eight years. 

Before accepting the call to full-time ministry in 2010 – he studied at Newbold College of Higher Education – John spent two years working for The Stanborough Press distributing our books to Christian bookshops throughout the UK & Ireland. He also spent several years working in sales, running his own business, and working as a fully trained financial advisor in the financial services sector. These experiences have transferable skills that will assist the Stewardship department. 

Upon leaving Newbold and entering the ministry, he served in the West and East Yorkshire district of churches for eight years before being appointed to serve as a director in 2021. He has BA in Theology and is currently completing his MA in leadership.

John and his wife Delivon come with a wealth of experience and passion for family ministries, having conducted several residential and one-day family life seminars across the NEC. They were a part of the NEC Marriage Enrichment advisory team, in which they assisted in the planning and delivery of marriage enrichment weekends. They are trained Certified Family Life Educators (CFLE), and have worked with both couples and young people in the various churches they have ministered in. Their focus has been on relational needs, courtship and marriage, better communication in marriage, and couples therapy. 

Both John and Delivon desire to strengthen family units within the church and the wider community by inspiring hope as well as bringing healing to marriages, families, and individuals through the abundant love and saving grace of Jesus Christ. He is a people's person and believes the best way to reach people is first to befriend them. He believes in equipping and motivating people to aspire to reach their full potential. 

They have a son/stepson Jason and three grandchildren, Kaleah, Jason II, better known as JJ and Ethan.