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About Dr Gina Miller

Dr Gina Miller is a Pastor that has extensive experience in Education, as well as Leadership, including Teaching, Tutoring, Lecturing and Mentoring from community and Governmental institutions, to the Local Church and Conference level.

Dr Miller studied for the ministry at Andrews University in the United States, where she received her second and a third Masters degrees in Youth and Young Adult Ministry, and the Master of Divinity respectively from the Andrews Theological Seminary. She then went on to earn a Doctorate in Leadership, which she also completed at the Theological Seminary of Andrews University.

Prior to her studies for the ministry, Gina graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Design, and later a Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education (PGCE) Teaching degree.

She taught on both the secondary and tertiary level of education, as a Teacher in the UK, for several years prior to her studies at Andrews. Whilst completing her studies for the ministry, Gina was recruited to teach as a Lecturer at Andrews Theological Seminary.

Gina is passionate about discipleship and serving others by providing a positive environment of nurture, growth and development through, leading, teaching, mentoring, counselling and designing. It is her desire to help positively impact the lives of others, through education and discipleship, that will draw men and women closer to Christ.