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About Dr Beatrice Kastrati

About Dr Beatrice Kastrati

Dr Beatrice Kastrati, MBChB, MPH, has been in the UK since January 2020. She graduated from medical school at the University of Ulm in Germany in November 2006, completed her Master’s degree in Public Health with Loma Linda University in 2015, and is registered with the General Medical Council in the UK with license to practice.  

She followed her husband Julian into the mission field to Albania in 2007, where she lived and worked for almost nine years; first as a volunteer doctor in various ADRA projects and the Adventist Health Centre “My Family”; from 2010 onwards as ADRA Country Director, leading ADRA Albania with a firm health and education strategy until 2015. She served the Albanian Mission in many roles: Director of the Adventist Family Clinic, Health Ministries Director, and Volunteer Services coordinator, as well as ordained Elder of Tirana Central church. Following the birth of their daughter Albulena in 2015, Beatrice and her husband Julian moved back to Ulm in Germany, where she worked as a disability assessor until December 2019. 

When her husband Julian was called to serve as pastor in the UK, she followed him to Manchester, where she began work as a disability assessor in February 2020. She was invited to serve as the Health and Possibility Ministries Director in January 2021, and elected Community Service Director in September 2021, working full-time as an NEC departmental director.  

She loves knitting and is a creative hobby cook and baker. She loves teaching science and biology, and is amazed at creation and nature. Her passion and calling are health education and health evangelism, community programmes and inclusion of ALL into the diverse, caring and loving church family.  She has witnessed first-hand how communities can be transformed. She’s also seen many people being led to Christ through health and possibility ministry and meaningful community engagement.