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About Beulah Plunkett

Beulah Plunkett has 25 years of experience as a lecturer and programme manager in further and higher education. For nine years, she was a full-time lecturer and Programme Manager in the Social Sciences Division at the University of Birmingham. Before that, 16 years full-time Lecturer and Course Team Leader at East Birmingham College of Further Education. Beulah's main subjects are Social Psychology, Child Development Psychology, Sociological & Psychological Perspectives, Counselling Theories & Skills, and Theories & Principles of Adult Teaching & Learning. 

Beulah has now been a Director at the North England Conference for 13 years full-time. Her posts have included Sabbath School Director, Children Ministries Director, PEACE Associate Director and Women's Ministries Director. At the last NEC session in 2021, Beulah was re-elected to serve as the Women's Ministries Director.

Beulah has written and delivered courses for church members on Personal and Spiritual Development, Bible study skills, Introduction to Counselling skills, Sabbath School Teacher Training, Parenting and Child Development, Psychological Abuse, as well as developing a range of resources for Women, Sabbath School and PEACE. Beulah has also delivered Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on 'Principles of Teaching' to NEC Pastors and the Theology department faculty at Newbold College of Higher Education. 

Beulah has been a baptised SDA for over 35 years. Her favourite thing is to study the Bible and then share the lessons learnt with her own family and her church family. She studied Practical Theology at the Queens Theological HE College. She found this subject most relevant to her understanding of Christianity, knowing and living what Jesus has taught and demonstrated in the Gospels. It has profoundly underpinned her work in the churches and how she delivers Sabbath school and Spiritual Development Seminars and Local Leadership training to the church members.

Conventional and Christian Education is Beulah's lifetime work. She particularly loves teaching adults who want to pursue life goals but need to understand that will help them develop their confidence. As a teaching Social Psychologist, Beulah found lecturing and Counselling adult and youth students and church members a real blessing. She has seen many individuals go forward to achieve their life goals, be it in their chosen career or ministry in the church. Beulah thanks the Lord for His 'watch-care' over her life and her family and for giving her a work to do in His vineyard at the NEC. It's been a tremendous blessing.

Beulah A. Plunkett  BA.Soc.Psy., MA SRPP, Cert.Ed., Cert.Couns., Dip.L.Coach.