Strategic Plan

The North England Conference is a Christ-centred community of Seventh-day Adventists dedicated to serving God, sharing the gospel and helping others. This strategic plan outlines the mission, objectives and core values that will define the Conference's ministry over the next couple of years. It's a dynamic document that will adapt to the needs of our churches and local communities. Get involved as we seek to display the character and love of Jesus to a dying world.

Introduction Video

Strategic Plan Booklet

Every church across the North England Conference will be sent 2 copies of the Strategic Plan Booklet in January 2023, along with several other resources, such as bookmarks and posters. You can read the electronic version of the booklet by clicking here or on the image below. Alternatively, you can download a PDF version by clicking here.


You can download the Forward We Go! by clicking here in JPG and PNG formats. You'll also find them in colour, greyscale and white.

The use of the logo needs to be done in line with the worldwide Adventist brand guidelines (e.g. the creation grid). You're welcome to place the Forward We Go! logo anywhere in section 1 (e.g. top left) but not in the seventh column (i.e. section 2). For more information about the creation grid and Adventist brand guidelines, click here.

If you require another variation of the logo or further support, email