Adventist Church Receives COVID-19 Award Nomination from Lancashire High Sheriff

The volunteers have been delivering food since the lockdown on a weekly basis and helping and supporting the other food hubs/food banks/food markets with additional supplies of bread, potatoes and vegetables

Newbold College of Higher Education Acknowledge 'Past and Present Wrongs Perpetrated on Racial Grounds'

"Racial Injustice: No More. We have shown our solidarity. Now, we have a job to do. It is time to apologise. It is time to hold ourselves accountable. It is time to vow change for a better future."

North England Conference Administration Writes to Minneapolis Mayor

Following the tragic events of 25th May 2020, when George Floyd lost his life. The North England Conference Administration felt compelled to write to Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis. Their letter is below;

BUC Field Presidents Begin Work on Strategy for Future Church Opening

We must all recognise that the reopening process may be difficult and will take considerable time and careful planning

Teens, Anxiety and Lockdown

Anxiety is a normal, human feeling of fear or panic. When we face stressful situations, our brain uses the in-built alarm bell system to tell us something is not right and that we need to deal with it

SEC Virtual Camp Meeting 2020

SEC Virtual Camp Meeting 2020, will take place Sunday 14th June - Sabbath 20th June.

Coronavirus Information