Camp Meeting 2024: Live Streaming and Media Insights

Camp Meeting 2024: Live Streaming and Media Insights

Pastor Joe Philpott

About a month ago, Camp Meeting 2024 began with the hopes of being a spiritually enriching week, and it didn’t disappoint. In the subsequent days, I was asked several times about the data regarding the live stream, where we upload the photos we take, and if the YouTube live streams will remain public. So, let me share this information that will hopefully answer a lot of those questions.

All photos we take during an event are uploaded to our public repository. We’ve gradually been building our database of images that we are then able to use on posters, social media graphics, and other places instead of stock images that don’t reflect the North England Conference. At the end of this article, you will find a link to the Camp Meeting album.

Regarding the data, such as views, some are publicly available on YouTube while most aren’t. So, in a testimony to the spirit of God, the power of digital ministry and the wonderful team of 18 individuals who made up the Media Team, let me share some of the data with you.


From Wednesday’s Opening Ceremony to Saturday Evening’s Closing Ceremony, we live streamed the adult services to YouTube. The Youth services were live streamed from Thursday morning to the Youth Department’s account (@NECYouth). Initially, we were hardwired into the venue’s IT infrastructure and experienced very high download and upload speeds. However, on Wednesday evening, the venue began to experience outages that affected our live stream, which they weren’t able to resolve. By late morning on Thursday, we transitioned to using 5G routers where we experienced significantly more stable upload speeds. These stats are only from the @NECAdventist YouTube account and do not include the @NECYouth account.

  • Total number of hours watched: 4,400 (equivalent to 183 days’ worth of video being watched)
  • Impressions: 105,000 (how many times our videos were shown to individuals on YouTube)
  • Total views: 14,500
  • Geographic distribution: 84% of viewers from the UK, 4% from the USA, and 1% or less from other countries such as Jamaica and Canada
  • Top cities by viewership: Birmingham (10%), London (9%), and Manchester (3%)
  • Unique viewers: 5,000 individuals


The NEC Camp Meeting website served as a crucial hub of information, especially for those unable to attend in person. It provided links, virtual appeal cards, and other information. Throughout the event, 770 unique individuals used the website.

Social Media

The primary social media platforms we manage are Facebook and Instagram (@NECAdventist). One individual within the Media Team was assigned the responsibility of posting and engaging with our community during the event. Throughout the event, 1,600 unique individuals saw and engaged with our content. This is excluding the Youth Department’s social media accounts that were also regularly posting during Camp Meeting.


After an event finishes, there’s often a lot to do to ensure that what remains publicly accessible is of high quality, and an event of Camp Meeting’s size is no exception. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes editing the services and photos from both the adult and youth services so they can be reuploaded to YouTube. There were also several workshops that weren’t live streamed but were recorded.

I’m delighted to share that we have completed this process. All services have been individually uploaded to YouTube to ensure you can rewatch them with ease. We’ve also finished editing the photos. Use the links below to view any of the content:

The reach and engagement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team, as we seek to spread the gospel far and wide. 

Pastor Joe Philpott
Communication & Media Director