Empowering Women’s Wellness

Empowering Women’s Wellness

Beulah Plunkett & Dr Beatrice Kastrati

In a profound demonstration of unity and intent, the Women's Ministries and Health Ministries Departments of the North England Conference (NEC), under the leadership of Beulah Plunkett (NEC Women’s Ministries Director) and Dr Beatrice Kastrati (NEC Health Ministries Director), convened the Women’s Health and Healing Conference. Gathering in Wythenshawe, Manchester on March 16th, the conference attracted 400 participants from across the NEC – as well as Scotland and Wales – all united to delve into the transformative influence of faith, prayer, and Biblical wisdom on healing and health.

The event commenced on the evening of March 15th via Zoom, featuring Sharon Platt-McDonald (BUC Women’s and Health Ministries Director), who captivated attendees with her poignant seminar titled "Praying for Healing." The virtual session saw over a hundred women engage enthusiastically, inspired by the uplifting insights shared. Dr. Beatrice Kastrati enriched the evening with her Bible study “Desperate for Hope,” highlighting valuable lessons from adversity and underscoring the importance of resilience when facing life’s challenges. The seminars resonated deeply with attendees, drawing an unprecedented number of Zoom participants.

Sabbath morning's program at Wythenshawe Hall was a spiritually enriching experience. Beulah Plunkett and Dr Beatrice Kastrati led Sabbath school discussions focused on nurturing our relationships with God and each other, emphasising love as the cornerstone of healing. Through interactive sessions, participants explored Biblical narratives, such as Leah’s journey to redemption, fostering friendships and deep connections.

The hall was alive with vibrant conversations and shared insights, emphasising the role of community in the healing journey. The praise team lifted the women to the throne of grace in readiness for the Word, setting the stage for Sharon Platt-McDonald’s inspiring sermon, “God's Healing Word.” Her message reinforced the familial bonds among attendees through personal anecdotes and experiences, creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual support.

Afternoon sessions offered practical strategies for holistic well-being, covering topics from microbiome health and nutrition to the transformative power of forgiveness. The day culminated in a powerful prayer session, where collective requests for emotional, physical, and relational healing were fervently lifted to the Lord. Inspired by Revelation 8:4, “And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God,” the prayer united everyone in faith, love, and a profound sense of sisterhood.

Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing that they felt truly blessed. The heartfelt messages and embraces shared at the conference’s conclusion echoed sentiments of thanks, joy, and love.

Special thanks to the dedicated teams that contributed their time and efforts, including the media team led by Pastor Joe Philpott, the praise team directed by Yvonne McCoy from Wolverhampton, and the front desk team featuring Wendy, Maxine, Michelle, Angela, and others. Special acknowledgments are due to Evangeline, our fearless piano player, and Kimberly, our soloist, both recommended by Amanda Questel-Lewis, and to Kathleen for her support in nourishing all the volunteers; their invaluable contributions were essential to the success of the event.