Strategic Sabbath Visits: Forward We Go!

Strategic Sabbath Visits: Forward We Go!

Over the course of two consecutive Sabbaths on 7th and 14th October, the North England Conference (NEC) saw its officers, directors, and sponsors fan out across Areas 3 and 5. This marked the final chapter in a series of visits that covered all six areas within the Conference.

The core objective of these Sabbaths was to deepen the Conference’s connection with local congregations. In doing so, they aimed to gain an intimate understanding of the challenges and needs facing our churches. The visits involved listening sessions, specialised training, resource distribution, and discussions centred on the NEC's strategic plan.

These weren't isolated incidents; rather, they are part of a larger, ongoing strategy. Having witnessed the positive impact of these interactions, the NEC plans to continue this proactive approach next year. The initiative underscores the Conference's commitment to grassroots engagement, ensuring that our leaders are actively supporting the growth and mission of our churches.

The reception from local congregations has already been overwhelmingly positive. Writing about the initiative, Pastor Kumi said, “It is a heart-warming experience to share the strategic objectives of the conference with our constituents, who are embracing and taking initiatives to meet the needs of the community in which they reside. Members are pleased to see the Directors, Sponsors, and Administrators reaching out to them and answering questions.

The NEC's multi-faceted mission during these visits was clear: to support, train, and empower. By fulfilling this mission, the Conference is taking tangible steps to foster an ongoing relationship of mutual growth and empowerment with its congregations.

With the conclusion of the visits to Areas 3 and 5, the NEC leadership has solidified its commitment to direct and meaningful engagement with our churches. This ensures that the initiative is not merely a one-off event, but part of a long-term strategy for positive change.