Final Report of Newly Appointed NEC Officers, Directors & Sponsors

Final Report of Newly Appointed NEC Officers, Directors & Sponsors

Pr Joe Philpott

At the recent 63rd North England Conference Session, 295 delegates met in Leicestershire under the theme "Extending God's Kingdom to Every Community." Over the three days, the Nominating Committee presented several individuals to serve during the upcoming term, which were voted and accepted by the main delegation. On Friday 10th September 2021, an official report of the proceedings was shared with the wider membership, which can be accessed here.

Whilst the nominating committee worked diligently to fill the various positions during the Session, several were referred to the incoming Executive Committee to be completed at a later date. On 3rd & 24th October, the new Executive Committee met, and prayerfully considered the matter before inviting a number of individuals to serve as Director or Sponsor of a Conference department.

The following individuals were selected and voted to serve over the next term:

3rd October

  • Community Services Director - Dr Beatrice Kastrati
  • Communication & Media Director - Pastor Joe Philpott

24th October

  • Publishing Director - Mr Noah Naylor
  • Music Ministries Sponsor - Mr Joel Robinson
  • Prayer Ministries Sponsor - Mrs Frederica Reid
  • Men's Ministries Sponsor - Pastor Andrew Rashford-Hewitt
  • Teens Ministries Sponsor - Pastor Derek Simon
  • Prison Ministries Sponsor - Pastor Ian Philpott
  • AMR Sponsor - Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi

These individuals will work alongside the Administration & Directors who were appointed during the 63rd Session:

  • President - Pastor George Kumi
  • Executive Secretary - Pastor Emanuel Bran
  • Treasurer - Mr Michael Agyei-Asare
  • Sabbath School Director - Pastor Gina Miller
  • Ministerial Association Secretary - Pastor Michael Simpson
  • Youth Director - Pastor Micah Campbell
  • Pathfinders - Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi
  • Personal Ministries - Pastor Adam Ramdin
  • Family Life / Stewardship Director - Pastor John Francis
  • Children's Ministries Director - Pastor Patricia Douglas
  • Women's Ministries Director - Beulah Plunkett
  • Health Ministries Director - Dr Beatrice Kastrati

Let us continue to pray for our leaders during these next three years, and may we diligently work together as we look towards the soon return of Jesus Christ. The NEC Session report booklet, with the previous Session's minutes, can be read here.

A more detailed summary of the events of the Session for each day can be read here.