Great Brickkiln St Virtual Prayer Breakfast and Virtual Communion

Great Brickkiln St Virtual Prayer Breakfast and Virtual Communion

Helderberg Jackson and Dr Patrick Herbert

During the week of 12-16 October, Great Brickkiln Street Adventist church held its 'virtual prayer breakfast'. Unlike any traditional prayer breakfast, where you would have some 'real breakfast', this was a 'spiritual breakfast'. We had songs and testimonies and 'fed' on the Word presented by our pastor, Dr Patrick Herbert.

Our spiritual feast was taken to another level as on Sabbath 17 October, we held our virtual communion service. We are thankful to our team of deacons and deaconesses who worked hard behind the scenes to make it a reality.

Pastor Herbert's sermon was on the topic 'Since the Blood', and supported by his wife Ann-Marie who gave a rendition of the song, 'Your Grace Still Amazes me'.

Dr Patrick HerbertThrough this week of spiritual emphasis and our communion service, members have felt connected as a church family and through it feel uplifted.

Though our communication department was stretched to the limit, we commend them for the hard work they carried out. It truly was a case of 'all hands on deck' and a demonstration that when we work together great things can be accomplished for the Lord.

Pastoral and Communications teamTo assist other churches in having a virtual communion service, here is how Great Brickkiln Street church organised their service:

  1. We decided on a date for the communion service and that it should be the climax to a week of spiritual emphasis (virtual prayer breakfast).
  2. We decided that it would be held at church with limited personnel. (3 elders and their spouses, the pastor and his wife and four praise team members.)
  3. The order of service was carefully designed so the service would flow unannounced and shared with the leadership team well in advance. The service also had an element of simplicity so that when broadcasted the main theme of communion would not be missed.
  4. Members were notified by the leadership team and the diaconate two weeks ahead of time and asked to state whether they would like to participate.
  5. The diaconate used bread they baked as opposed to emblems being ordered.
  6. After prayer over the emblems by the ordained elder or pastor, distribution was made to the elderly and shut ins on the Wednesday before the service by members of the diaconate.
  7. Those able to collect their emblems did so on the Thursday before the service.
  8. Rehearsal took place on the Thursday evening prior to our service.
  9. On Sabbath morning, an hour before the broadcast the communication team and the participants of the service met and had another brief rehearsal.
  10. The communication team dealt with the filming and all the technical aspects.