Commonwealth Games

The Health Ministries department, in conjunction with local churches, will be holding a series of health expos at nearby venues during the Commonwealth Games. This is a great opportunity to profile the Seventh-day Adventist church to the world with the tangible love of Jesus! It will require all hands on deck.


External Commonwealth Health Website

Integral to our external communication efforts is developing a dedicated evangelistic website – www.commonwealthhealth.co.uk. It includes information about upcoming events, allows individuals to sign up for bible studies or request prayer, and provides information about who we are as Seventh-day Adventists. The website's primary purpose is to be a digital hub for non-Adventists and a signpost to various Adventist initiatives. Be sure to share the website with your friends and families.

  • If you'd like to showcase your local Church's initative, complete the following webform
  • Download the Commonwealth Health logo and other brand kit elements by clicking here

For more information, contact Pastor Joe Philpott by emailing communications@necadventist.org.uk or calling 0115 960 6312‬.


Health Expo Inventory

In preparation for this Summer, we're creating an inventory of equipment, including their condition, so we can streamline the running of several health expos. Does your Church have any other following equipment?

  • Gazebo
  • Expo kits
  • Bibs
  • Projector and/or printer
  • Blood pressure kits
  • Or something else

Knowing how much equipment we have within our Churches will help determine how many health expos can be organised.

Please get in touch with Trevor Davis, who's facilitating this inventory – 07428189924.


Getting Involved

Thank you for considering signing up, but currently, we have over 200+ volunteers, and we cannot accept walk-ins. For insurance reasons, all volunteers must be DBS checked and approved by local Church Boards hence why we're no longer accepting volunteers. However, you're welcome to advertise the health expo with your local church, friends, and family. For more information, email health@necadventist.org.uk.