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During the pandemic, many individuals lost their businesses, jobs, loved ones and even their connection to God. Some of the Youth especially felt that the light of their spirituality had gone out, and their faith was a reminiscent distant memory from their past. Many young people struggled with their mental health, depression, anxiety disorders, and suicidal thoughts became an everyday battle. Some even wondered why they felt this way but could not shake these feelings. Such feelings of low didn’t mean the young people were no longer close to God but were a genuine reflection of their feelings associated with their mental health and need for Jesus more than ever.

Some young people felt they were not good enough, and the church was no longer relevant to them in the traditional format. However, there is hope, and an opportunity to find God, realising that we are loved, cherished and valued. In the book Psalms 139.14 it encourages us by saying; “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvellous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.” The Youth Department has taken that Bible passage and created the word I. M. A. G. E, an acronym for “I’m Always Good Enough”.

Our aim is to create a culture of self-worth and acceptance through Jesus while recognising our need to be transformed by Him.

Our objective is to nurture mentally healthy youth willing to promote God’s word through their lifestyle!

Our motto is “We’re in this together!”

Department Objectives

All of the programmes and events put on by the youth department focus on five main areas:

Exercise with Me! - This includes sporting and exercise-related events.

Pray with Me! - Includes evangelistic programmes to foster a deeper connection with Christ Jesus through prayer, worship, spiritual development and fellowship.

Learn with Me! - Includes programmes that focus on the training and development of young people. EG SYLA (Senior Youth Leadership Award), Youth Leadership Training, Mental Health First Aid, ASC (Adventist Students on Campus) Training etc.

Talk to Me! - Offers a counselling service through the NEC specifically focused on the youth, providing help and support for their specific needs.

Chill with Me! - Provides social events for the youth, e.g. Banquets, Social, Summer Camps, Retreats and interactive programmes for young people.

The plan is to work on 5 main aspects of Fitness by nurturing youth who are Physically Fit, Mentally Fit, Emotionally Fit, Socially Fit and Spiritually Fit.

Directors Role

To provide spiritual support, guidance and nurturing for the youth in line with the GC and NEC mission.

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Micah Campbell


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