Model Constitution and Updates

The General Conference produces a 'model' conference constitution which is approved for worldwide use. This model is printed in the General Conference Working Policy book, and is amended from time to time at the General Conference Annual Council. As of August 2020 we are working with the latest printed version of the GC Working Policy, which is dated 2019/2020. There have been minor revisions voted at the Annual council and these are incorporated in the model document below.

See a pdf version of the current General Conference Model Conference Constitution.

However, the 2020 General Annual Council, which met by video conference in October 2020, voted a number of revisions to the Model Conference Constitution. Most of the major revisions made were to accommodate the need for video conferencing in the wake of COVID 19. A pdf version of this document, highlighting each of the revisions, can be seen here: 2020 AC Local Conference Model (voted).pdf.

For reference, see a pdf version of the BUC Constitution, voted in 2016.