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Welcome to the Sabbath School Department. Here you will find Information, Ideas, Inspiration and Innovation. Come and see what the Lord prepared for us so that we can learn more about Him.

- Beulah Plunkett



Sabbath School is where we provide interactive teaching and learning of the Word for the adults, youth, teens and children that attend our churches each week. This takes place at the start of the day and gives everyone an opportunity to study the word of God collectively.

The Bible is the foundation upon which we as Seventh-day Adventist have built our knowledge of God and our understanding of His desire for His people. God provided us with His word and in our study of His word our faith is further developed and fortified so that our service will be according to His will.

The end goal of the Sabbath School is to equip every member of the Body of Christ to be disciples who will go out and make disciples for Christ, thus fulfilling the decree for all believers found in the Great Commission of Matthew 28: 19-20 ‘Go..teach..preach and make disciples’; a disciple is one who learns and then lives what has been taught.

The Sabbath School offers and opportunity to do just that, as it gives us a time of real study and Christian development as we seek to live as Jesus would have us live.


Sabbath School has five goals that guide its direction and purpose:

  • Teaching
  • Bible Study
  • Evangelisms
  • Mission
  • Fellowship


There are a range of training courses that are delivered by the Sabbath School. These courses aim to further equip and enhance the skills, knowledge and understanding of the Sabbath school teams, and members.


Leadership training has been developed to enable Sabbath School superintendents to lead their teams effectively, plan the programmes for the year with vision and creatively ensure that member’s spiritual needs are met through the realization of the five goals.

Sabbath School Teacher Training Level 1 and 2 has been developed and delivered across the 6 areas of the NEC. This is localised training in the churches to ensure real development of the attitude, skills and knowledge that is necessary to deliver an informative and relevant Sabbath School class.

The 20 hours Introduction To Christian Counselling training has proved to be quite a popular course. It aims to help individuals develop their listening skills and introduces them to the principles of Christian counselling approaches. It is a good course in helping those who work with people to interact more effectively.

Bible study skills, this is a course that is open to all the members, and it teaches in a practical setup by step process how to study the Bible in-depth and how to use Bible dictionaries and commentaries to develop our knowledge of the Word of God.

Secretaries and Greeters training, these workshops can be delivered by the superintendents, by using the booklets that have been developed by the Sabbath School department. These booklets are a guide that will equip and inform those who volunteer to take up this important role.

Training for Interns and Elders, this is a one day course on the support that they can offer to the Sabbath School. Exploring with them the varying spiritual needs of the members and visitors and how they can support the Sabbath School teams in meeting those needs.

Level 1 and 2 Teacher Training for Ministers, this course is geared towards the teaching role of the ministers, and is offering them a customised version of the Certificate in Education that will enhance their skills of delivery and equip them to teach the Bible truths that the members need to learn.

Personal and Spiritual development workshops, these workshops are aimed at helping individuals explore their spiritual and personal journey and look at what experiences they have had along the way, and what plans they have for the future and how they intend to get there.

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The goal of the Sabbath School Director is to visit every church in the NEC with a Sabbath School Emphasis Day programme.

This is a whole day programme, that includes teaching the adult Sabbath School in an interactive way to demonstrate how the methods taught in the Teacher Training work in real time.

To preach the Word and link this to the importance of Bible study, deliver an interactive afternoon programme based on one of the five goals of Sabbath School (Teaching, Bible study, Mission, Evangelism, Fellowship).


The Sabbath School Week of Study is a week-long programme of Bible study that offers members and visitors a real time to study together, ask questions, dig deeper into the word and then look at how what they have learned will change their lives. It will be a dynamic and challenging week.


The Bible Expos will run across the NEC. Members will creatively develop materials that will tell the Bible stories, prophecies, truths, principles and much more.

It will be aimed at the community and challenge members to be a witness and share their faith.


There are a range of workshops at camp meeting for those attending. The workshops cover spiritual development, dealing with stress, how we learn.



Attend Sabbath School and seek to know the Word of God for yourself. Seek to be a witness to others by sharing what you have learned and have come to know.


To become a superintendent, teacher, greeter, secretary, praise team member or musician for Sabbath School.

Bible Expo

Volunteer to help set up and run a Bible Expo in your community.


Let us know your ideas for Sabbath School and we can together make them fly.


We have a range of resources that have been developed and are being developed in the department to help you in your work in the church. These include:
Superintendent pack, Teacher’s pack, Visitors’ Information pack, Members pack, Sabbath School lesson CDs, Booklets: Secretaries, Greeters, Teachers, and Superintendent’s handbook. More resources are being developed so do contact us. We also have an annual Sabbath School Newsletter.

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