About Richard Jackson

About Richard Jackson

Pastor Richard Sebastian Jackson was born and raised in Westmoreland, Jamaica. He has had a varied and exciting career history working in agriculture (dairy management) in the Caribbean, and then when he relocated to the UK, he perused a career in business and human resource management.

He holds a BA(Hons) degree in Business Studies from Sheffield Hallam University. He was called to gospel ministry in 1999 and studied at Newbold College England, where he gained a MA Theology degree from Andrews University.

Pastor Jackson began ministry in 2001 at the Wolverhampton area. He also served as Chaplain at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton and the Harper Bell Adventist School in Birmingham.  He was ordained to gospel ministry in 2006.

In 2008 Pastor Jackson received a call to serve in the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission as Pastor and Executive Secretary. He served for two years before returning to the UK.

Pastor Jackson is a visionary who is known for his transformational leadership skills and passion for church development. He loves the Lord, enjoys preaching the ‘word’ and loves and respects all people.

He is strongly supported in ministry by his wife Angela; they are proud parents of Talitha and Samuel.