It is my great privilege to share with you in broad strokes what the role of the President of the North England Conference is. Essentially as described in the Church Manual my role is to be that of Chief Elder of all the churches in the Conference.

It is our task to provide for the spiritual welfare and up building of the churches in our territory.

As the chief administrator, I work in close conjunction with my Executive Secretary and Treasurer which forms the Administrative Committee (Adcom). In turn, Adcom makes recommendations and works with the highest authority in the conference – the Executive Committee.

We (Adcom) administer the finances of the conference as well as deal with employment and re-deployment of Pastor’s, Bible Instructors, Teachers and ancillary staff. We also have responsibility and care for the schools and institutions within the conference territory.

The conference administration needs the prayers and support of the wider membership as we seek to fulfil the purpose to which God has called us, the proclaiming Gods final warning to the world in this age. Let us pray and work together as we work towards that end.

NEC Strategic Plan

The North England Conference (NEC) strategic plan, under the banner of "Forward We Go!", outlines the mission, objectives and core values that will define the Conference's ministry over the next couple of years. It's a dynamic document that will adapt to the needs of our churches and local communities. Get involved as we seek to display the character and love of Jesus to a dying world. For more information about the strategic plan, click here.


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George Kumi


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