1 Thessalonians 5.17 – Pray continually

Prayer is pivotal to the believer. Lord, teach me how to prayer is the plea of every sincere person who yearns to experience intimacy with God.  Prayer is paramount to every aspect of the church. The blessings of God’s storehouse are received in abundance to benefit the mission and ministry of the church.

Prayer is quintessential. It is the highest quality of communication God desires to hold with a person. In prayer, God reveals His heart and desires for our hearts to be more like His. Through prayer, the life-giving, life-transforming personhood of the Holy Spirit is received as a gift to those who ask of God.

Prayer Ministries seeks to cultivate intimacy with God through prayer by ‘Knowing God’s Heart, Seeking His Presence’ – the departmental theme for 2016.  Prayer Ministries’ strategic plan aims for the NEC to grow to expand and engage in prayer:

·      To increase the level of participation in prayer across the NEC

·      To reach into our communities with prayer

·      To improve the spirituality across the NEC for natural giving

·      To advance the overall spiritual health of the NEC

Prayer Ministries’ goal is for all to know God’s heart and partner with Him in prayer. To achieve this, it is necessary to:

·      Understand the times in which we live

·      Understand how God is working

·      Pray, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in accordance with what God is doing during this time

Prayer Ministries Department, in conjunction with the NEC Evangelism movement, invites Everyone Everywhere to be involved in ‘Knowing God’s Heart, Seeking His Presence.’ Will you join? 

‘Unceasing prayer is the unbroken union of the soul with God so that life from God flows into our lives and from our lives purity and holiness flow back to God.’ Steps to Christ p.96 

Victor Marshall

Victor Marshall


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