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Evangelism is the life of the Church, and a Church that fails to evangelise is only one generation away from extinction. The Personal Ministries and Evangelism Department exists to aid the evangelistic thrust throughout the North England Conference through the local churches and members. The PM & Evangelism Department believes, 

One worker who has been trained and educated for the work, who is controlled by the Spirit of Christ, will accomplish far more than ten laborers who go out deficient in knowledge and weak in the faith. One who works in harmony with the counsel of God, and in unity with the brethren, will be more efficient to do good than ten will be who do not realise the necessity of depending upon God and of acting in harmony with the general plan of the work” Evangelism p.471.

Departmental Objectives

  1. To conduct effective training in various forms of evangelistic outreach, including but not limited to:
    1. How to give Bible studies
    2. Evangelistic Preaching
    3. Friendship Evangelism
    4. The Evangelism Cycle
    5. Small Groups
    6. Effective Media Evangelism
  2. To produce high-quality evangelistic training resources that will aid our members to witness effectively
  3. To conduct coordinated evangelistic programmes across the territory of the North England Conference
  4. To see the growth of healthy Church Plants across the NEC

Directors Role

The role of the Director is to facilitate the above objectives and, therefore, spearhead the training events and creation and distribution of resources.

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Dr Patrick Herbert

Dr Patrick Herbert


Department: Personal Ministries, Church Growth & Church Planting

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