The aim of true education is to restore human beings into the image of God as revealed by the life of Jesus Christ. 

Only through the guidance of the Holy Spirit can this be accomplished. 

An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person—spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social-emotional—a process that spans a lifetime. 

Working together, schools, homes and churches cooperate with divine agencies to prepare learners to be good citizens in this world and for eternity. 

Our vision is for every learner to excel in faith, in learning, and in service, blending biblical truth and academic achievement to honour God and bless others.

We want each and every Seventh-day Adventist Educational Institution to be a location of evangelization, responsible for developing activities and programmes that provide its students with the opportunity to discover a strong faith. 

Understanding that the “the Work of Education and Redemption are one and the same,” our mission is that the results of the work, the development, and the commitment of each teacher in each Adventist Educational Establishment, shall be seen in the life of each student during their entire educational journey; knowing that the full and complete results shall be seen in eternity, for the honour and glory of God.

‘Adventist Education – a first choice for Adventist parents’

‘Adventist Education – a first choice for our community’

The North England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists currently operates two primary schools. It also offers financial support to an independent Adventist school. Standards and attainment in our primary schools are high, for example:

Emily Tebbs-Ogutu

Emily Tebbs-Ogutu


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