Disability Ministries

People living with disability face challenges and barriers in accessing the gospel due to poorly developed physical environments and, in some cases, attitudinal barriers. The purpose of the Disability Ministries Department is to support the church and their local communities in keeping up to date when catering for all types of disabilities.

This department aims to support the Seventh-day Adventist Church as it develops a ministry that brings all closer to God; no matter their ability or differences. Support and training is provided through workshops, seminars and resources. We also provide direct support for people with disabilities, through partnerships with various organisations, as well as offer training and residential breaks for carers.

We strive to ensure people with disabilities are empowered to be part of their churches and communities by getting involved in church leadership and worship. We support the Disability Ministries coordinators at the local church, regional and national levels.


Grace Walsh

Grace Walsh


North England Conference
Department: Disability Ministries, Family Ministries, Health Ministries

Phone: +44 115 960 6312

22 Zulla Road
United Kingdom (GB)