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About the Department

How people and organisations communicate has changed more in the last decade than in the previous century. The explosion of online social networks and an ever-increasing reliance on smartphones has transformed both personal and corporate communications and radically altered the landscape of traditional media approaches.

The Communication and Media Department of the North England Conference aims to communicate the Seventh-day Adventist Church's mission, vision, and plans and enhance and develop its image in the perceptions of church members and community. We endeavour to maintain and create a favourable impression of the church, its mission, life, witness and related activities through modern technologies. The department functions as the hub for all internal and external regional news, press releases and publicity related to the Seventh-day Adventist church in the north of England.

One of the department's main focuses is training and empowering church members interested in communication or who have been elected in their local church to serve as the communication leader. The training seeks to equip individuals with the skills to write news articles, take accompanying photos, publicise events, create and maintain relevant websites, amongst other things.

Our Department's objectives

The objectives of the department are categorised into four:

  1. Corporate Identity & Public Relations. Enhance the implementation of our Adventist brand and create a more cohesive Conference-wide public image.
  2. Media. Develop high-quality, relevant content for both internal and external purposes. Inspire members to engage and work with the NEC, and utilise the Media Centre.
  3. Internal Communication. Evaluate and improve the channels of communication between the administration and workers. Provide resources to workers on how to effectively use their digital presence to further the efforts of the gospel, as well as equip them to empower their local churches in digital evangelism.
  4. External Communication. Develop digital content for non-Adventists that local members can use to share the Adventist message. Produce an NEC Hub to collate all resources created by departmental leaders that our members can easily use and access.

Director's role

The Communication and Media Department is a 50% budget. The current director, Pastor Joe Philpott, ministers in a local church with the remaining 50% of his time. His role in the department includes, but is not limited to,

  • Develop a multi-channel communications strategy driven by the NEC's mission, values and goals.
  • Identify creative and innovative ways to communicate the gospel in the North of England. Develop high-quality media content for both internal and external purposes.
  • Implement and raise awareness of the Adventist church's brand guidelines.
  • Progress the NEC Media Centre and appropriately equip it to be used by our departmental team and local members.
  • Manage the AV requirements for other NEC departmental days or residentials.
  • Oversee the various external communication channels such as the Conference's social media accounts, the NEC Communicator and the website.

Volunteer Reporter

The North England Conference (NEC) Media and Communications Department is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for individuals to contribute to the Conference’s digital media presence. We are seeking up to five Volunteer Reporters who are passionate about capturing the impactful activities and events taking place within our local Adventist churches and sharing these stories with our wider community.

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For all media enquiries regarding the North England Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church, please get in touch with Pastor Joe Philpott.

Joseph Philpott

Joseph Philpott


Department: Communication and Media

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