Come Alive

"Come Alive!" is a project led by the Health Ministries Department, which the NHS is funding. The special Adventist health message and the initiatives over the last few years – especially during the Commonwealth Games – have caught public attention. 

The Seventh-day Adventist health ministries teams are trailblazers, having set the standard for high-quality, high-impact community health programmes. With the support of the NHS, we can amplify our efforts and reach even more people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.  

Between September 2023 and March 2024, we are calling on all churches in the Midlands and Northwest to organise health expos and at least one follow-up programme.

Ellen White said, "When properly conducted, the health work is an entering wedge, making a way for other truths to reach the heart. The Health Message is as closely connected with the third angel's message as the hand is with the body." This is the opportunity to multiply our efforts for health and community outreach, changing lives and transforming communities, emphasising the importance of a balanced, plant-based diet, regular exercise, rest, and spiritual and mental health as essential components of a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

  • You can look forward to new health literature, health magazines and brochures to hand out, and more expo kits and banners to be available. 
  • You can apply for a grant to offset the costs of the events. 
  • Please contact to become part of the "Come Alive!" initiative. 

Every effort counts! Join us in this extraordinary journey of love, compassion, and empowerment. Let us follow the gospel call and proclaim the health message of an abundant life with Jesus.

More Information

The Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church is known globally and throughout the UK for its health message and take on lifestyle medicine. The Church has developed various health programmes, including but not limited to,

  • "CHIP" – the Complete Health Improvement Programme, which promotes cardiovascular health; 
  • "NEWSTART" – the programme to promote the 8 laws of health through education about Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust for a better lifestyle and better cardiovascular health; 
  • "CELEBRATIONS", a community outreach programme which includes education and events around Choices, Exercise, Liquids, Environment, Belief, Rest, Air, Temperance, Integrity, Optimism, Nutrition, and Social Engagement; 
  • The 12-step Addiction Recovery Programme "Journey to Wholeness";
  • "Lift" – a lifestyle improvement programme which includes nutrition and exercise as keys to good mental health;
  • "Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programme" which includes a guide to emotional intelligence; 
  • "CREATION health" with education and events around Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition; 
  • Weight Management
  • "Breathe Free 2.0", a smoking cessation programme. The SDA world church Health Department has been and is promoting responsible immunisation and vaccination, which includes the COVID-19 vaccination. 
  • The SDA church is working with NHS blood donation services to recruit more black-Caribbean and black-African church members to register as blood donors.

"Come alive!" encompasses two main activities: Local health expos and health education programmes.

  1. Health Expo: The health expo is a platform for interactive engagement and health awareness. Stations offering health screenings, including BMI assessments and blood pressure measurements, blood glucose and cholesterol screening, peak flow and pulse, provide attendees with baseline health information. Educational materials disseminated at the event educate participants about various risk factors, healthy behaviours, responsible immunisation, and blood donation. Interactive sessions on exercise and nutrition offer attendees practical tools for healthier living. One-on-one consultations with healthcare professionals create personalised opportunities for participants to address their specific health concerns. With a simple questionnaire about lifestyle habits, the SDA church has developed an algorithm similar to the NHS Heart Age to determine the "Health Age", which helps visitors to make specific lifestyle improvements to improve their overall health.
  2. Health Education Follow-up Programmes: Group workshops on diabetes reversal and weight management empower participants with actionable information. Various educational methods, including presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities, ensure diverse learning opportunities to cater to different learning styles.

The number of attendees at the health expo reflects the level of community interest and engagement; while the number of participants in each health education programme demonstrates the reach of the education initiative. The number of registered blood donors will show the impact of the collaboration of NHS and SDA church.

The intended outcomes of this project are reflective of the impact on participants' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours. Increased knowledge of attendees about behavioural risk factors indicates the success of information dissemination. Improved understanding of healthy lifestyle choices demonstrates the effectiveness of education efforts.

The logical framework gives a good overview of the project and the intended activity and impact:

The Gantt Chart shows the time frame of the project:

The key performance indicators help measure the success and impact of our Health Outreach initiatives.

  1. Evidence of effective event promotion in predominantly Black African and Black African Caribbean communities to aim to achieve attendance of at least 300 participants per event.
  2. Delivery of a broad range of health awareness and promotion activities.
  3. Positive testimonies from participants following the event, including evidence of building confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, per our General Conference recommendation on responsible immunisation.
  4. Effective implementation of a simple QR code to generate survey responses from participants at the event regarding their experience and also offering this as a face-to-face exit survey.
  5. Evidence of effective promotion of the event working with local partners, including the ICS, local council and other local partners.
  6. Work with the relevant ICS's aim to report on any impact on access to NHS services following the events.

"Come alive!" to transform the communities we are placed into!
"Come alive!" to engage members of your church of all ages in Health Outreach!
"Come alive!" to promote physical, mental and spiritual health!